Recovering from serious injuries, Marilyn Hayward needs our help

Recovering from serious injuries, Marilyn Hayward needs our help

Marilyn and her friend Chris Achterman
at the 2008 BTA Alice Awards.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

It’s been two weeks now since southeast Portland bike shop owner and well-known local bike advocate Marilyn Hayward was seriously injured in a collision while bicycling in Cornelius (just outside of Portland). Hayward was on her recumbent at the time and the collision occurred with a woman driving a Toyota Prius. Hayward sustained serious head injuries, a broken collar bone, and many cuts and bruises. Supporters say she’s “making good progress” and has been transferred from the ICU to the Trauma Recovery Acute Care Unit at Legacy Emanuel Hospital.

Friends and family credit her helmet for saving her life.

While she’s recovering from injuries, some attention is now turning to her medical bills. She has only partial insurance, so the expenses are already piling up. Friends released a statement yesterday, urging everyone to step up and donate for her physical therapy:

“She will soon need to go into Physical Therapy and which will cost $40,000 and she needs $23,000 of that right away to get her into the program. Marilyn has been a strong advocate for cycling and very generous with her time, money and energy. Now she is the one who needs us. We are reaching out to friends, family and all who have had the pleasure to know Marilyn, and are asking you for your help.”

Donations can be made at any Wells Fargo Bank or online via PayPal.

To donate at Wells Fargo, you need to use her name and account number 5130461485. To donate with PayPal, use this link.

UPDATE, 3:00pm 8/21: Marilyn’s nephew, Matt Ford, just shared this update on her condition:

Marilyn has suffered a severe brain injury to what extent, only time will tell. She is making great progress though, She’s much more responsive and becoming more aware by the day. there is still a long road ahead. She’s been working with physical and speech therapists at the hospital. They plan on moving her to the Inpatient Rehabilitation by the end of the week, it is a aggressive program and known to work wonders, one of there requirements is that patients have 24hr supervision upon release. While the funds are coming together to get her into the program there will be many more expenses as well as aftercare and the current bills continue to grow, she has very limited insurance that will only cover about 1/10th of the current bills and none of the rehab. We appreciate all the Support and generosity of the Friends, family and community.

Thanks again,
Matt Ford

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