New path for bikes on west end of Sellwood Bridge

New path for bikes on west end of Sellwood Bridge

Multnomah County has built a new path for bike traffic.
(Photos sent in by a reader)

A new bike path on the western end of the Sellwood Bridge was just completed yesterday. Multnomah County spokesman Mike Pullen says it will be in place for about a year and that it’s one of many temporary alignments we can expect as the bridge is rebuilt over the next three years.

Heading west over the bridge sidewalk, you will now see a transition into a curb-protected path, separated from Highway 43 with plastic “candlestick” bollards. This path leads northbound bike traffic all the way down a corkscrew ramp. About two-thirds of the way down the ramp (once it is going south), you can choose to continue to Lake Oswego or Riverview Cemetery, or — if you want to go north toward Portland — you must make a sharp, hairpin turn (marked with an arrow in the image below).

Take a closer look at these two photos sent in by a reader:

Pullen says they often make adjustments and refinements based on how people are using new routes, so they’re listening for feedback and are open to making tweaks if necessary. Have you ridden this yet? You can comment here and/or contact Mike Pullen directly at

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