ODOT set to build undercrossing for I-205 path at Division

ODOT set to build undercrossing for I-205 path at Division

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) is set to unveil their plans to build a new undercrossing on the I-205 path at SE Division Street. An open house for the project will be held on October 9th.

According to ODOT, the new portion of the path will provide an alternative route under SE Division, in addition to the existing crossing. ODOT has also partnered with the Portland Bureau of Transportation (PBOT) and they plan to install a new, rapid-flash beacon at the existing street-grade crossing.

The new undercrossing will split from the existing path about 360 feet north of Division Street, cross under Division next to the MAX Green Line, and reconnect with the path at the north end of the Division Street MAX stop. “The new route will offer path users a non-stop connection through Division, without the need to wait for the signal at the Division Street crosswalk,” reads an ODOT statement.

The project was first promised as part of TriMet’s MAX Green Line construction back in 2009. As part of that project, ODOT received a stimulus grant to add lighting along the path, and they had planned to do the undercrossing, but according to ODOT Public Policy and Community Affairs Manager Shelli Romero, the funding, “didn’t quite reach.”

Romero told me via phone this morning, that they have now gotten the required funding together, “In an effort to make good on that [promise].”

ODOT also took the opportunity to respond to community and police concerns that the existing crossing treatment for the path up on SE Division was inadequate. Currently, there’s a zebra-striped crosswalk, median islands, and button-actuated overhead “walk” signs that flash when someone is trying to cross. As part of this project, PBOT plans to upgrade that crossing treatment to include rapid flash beacons. This is still short of a traffic-signal, but these beacons are much more effective at encouraging cross-traffic to stop. (A similar beacon was recently installed on SW Barbur Blvd.)

The project is set for construction this year. ODOT will share design drawings and other information at the upcoming open house.

    I-205 Shared-Use Path Division Undercrossing Open House
    Tuesday, October 9, 2012, 5:30-7:30pm
    East Portland Community Center, Multi-Purpose Room 2 (740 SE 106th Ave)
    Project website (nothing up there yet)

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