Spinlister’s peer-to-peer bike rental service now open for business

Spinlister’s peer-to-peer bike rental service now open for business

A Portland listing on Spinlister.

It’s been almost one year since we first told you about Spinlister, an online service that let’s you list your bike for rent. Now the service is out of beta mode and has officially launched. And folks in Portland are wasting no time putting it to use.

Here’s more from their website:

“Spinlister is a marketplace that lets you find the best bikes to rent online, whether from individuals or existing bike rental shops.

Just type where you’d like to ride and Spinlister gives you the best bike rental options for that location. We connect you with awesome people and great bikes from around the world.

If you’d like to list your bike, just snap a few pictures and share your sweet chariot with awesome people like you. We help you meet up, exchange the bike, and have a great experience, whether you’re the renter or the lister.”

Spinlister launched nationally last week in New York City and San Francisco. Currently, only folks from those cities — and people that list bikes — can see the listings. CEO and co-founder Will Dennis says Portland is one of his top target markets (if not for number of listings, for customer interest) and at least two people I know have listed their bikes.

Steve Gutmann — who wrote a guest column for us in 2010 about the oncoming wave of car-sharing in Oregon — has listed his Breezer commuter bike and a Burley Piccolo trail-a-bike. Gutmann is sold on the idea. He thinks it’ll be especially great for travelers. “It’s also a great way for locals,” he shared with us via email last week, “to get more benefit (and for the owner, some revenue) out of the city-wide fleet of underutilized trailers, tandems, cargo-bikes, etc…”

Lillian Karabaic has listed her “Get Laid Xtracycle” for $4 per hour or $15 per day. She seems to be having fun with the new service. Here’s a snip from her listing:

“This bike will get you laid. An absolute gem of a cargo bike, this xtracycle features hot pink and yellow everything. But don’t let its bright exterior fool you: this bike can HAUL. Cute person checking out your sweet ride? Just invite them to come sit on the custom-made wooden deck and haul them home. Friend too drunk to ride home from the bar? Haul their bike AND them home. Need to cater for 15 people? You can carry that! Want to carry camping gear for 3 people? No sweat, add some extra bisquick in there because you got the room! Admiring that 100-pound bag of coffee? Take it home in style!”

CEO Will Dennis says to encourage use of the service, any unrented bike in the system is free for the first day. To become a member and get access to rental bikes across the U.S., you must first list your bike (the service will open to non-listers eventually). Dennis says there are over 500 bikes for rent in the system right now, and that their owners can make up to $150 per week on rentals. Prices average about half of what rental shops charge.

List your bike and learn more about how the service works at Spinlister.com.

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