Hillsboro’s "mobility hubs" idea a finalist in million-dollar Bloomberg competition

Hillsboro’s "mobility hubs" idea a finalist in million-dollar Bloomberg competition

City of Hillsboro Sustainability Manager Peter
Brandom in a video about the idea.
(Watch it below)

The City of Hillsboro has been selected as one of 20 finalists (out of 300) for the Bloomberg Philanthropies’ Mayor’s Challenge competition. If selected the City could receive either $1 million or a grand prize of $5 million dollars to implement their their idea of creating “mobility hubs” throughout Hillsboro that would “reduce the need to travel alone in a car.”

Below is an excerpt from the contest webpage that describes Hillsboro’s idea:

“Hillsboro will “create transportation hubs – based on a just-in-time, coordinated management model – throughout the community that connect neighborhoods and employment sites with sustainable transportation options. The GoPoint platform is built upon new, innovative transportation technologies and services – some promising and many already proven in urban areas – that allow citizens to use alternate travel modes such as bike sharing, car and ride sharing, personal rental cars, hourly rental cars, vanpools, and other means. GoPoint Hillsboro will leverage the largest existing local electric vehicle infrastructure network to increase the availability and use of electric vehicle transportation and these additional sustainable transportation modes.”

Hillsboro would leverage its existing Bikestation facility as part of the new GoPoint platform concept.

In being selected as a finalist, a team from Hillsboro will travel to New York City next week to participate in a two-day “Ideas Camp” that will assist them in moving forward with the idea if it’s ultimately selected. That team will include: Peter Brandom, City of Hillsboro Sustainability Manager; Aron Carleso, Hillsboro City Councilor; Brad Choi, City of Hillsboro Transportation Planner; and Heather McCarey, Executive Director of the Westside Transportation Alliance.

Watch the City’s short video that went along with their application below:

The final selection of winners will be made this spring.

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