Bike shop employee snaps photo of stolen bike, suspected thief

Bike shop employee snaps photo of stolen bike, suspected thief

Ian Collins’ stolen bike turned up at the Bike Gallery
in downtown Portland.
(Photos courtesy Ian Collins)

Ian Collins had his Cannondale stolen off his porch in Northeast Portland back in August. Now, thanks to the quick thinking of the Bike Gallery employee, he’s got a lead on a suspect and he’s hoping more people seeing the photo might lead to the bike’s recovery.

An employee of the Bike Gallery store in downtown Portland (at SW 10th and Salmon) took action after she saw a suspicious customer come into their shop. She looked up the bike on the BikePortland Stolen Bike Listings, found a match, then photographed the man who brought it in before he left the shop.

Here’s the photo of the suspected thief:

Collins said this morning that he’s “100%” positive the bike in the photo belongs to him. “I’m looking to circulate these photos to a wide audience,” he added. He also said the Bike Gallery employee told him she’s seen this same guy come in several times with different bikes, “So he could be a repeat offender.”

It’s unclear whether or not the shop employee confronted the suspected thief and/or why he was allowed to get away without questioning. (I’ve contacted the person who took the photo, and will update the story when I hear back.)

Collins is offering a $100 reward for anyone who provides information that leads to the recovery of his bike. See the stolen bike listing for his contact information and more details.

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