Time for ‘Wheel Team 6’; an elite squad of bike activists

Time for ‘Wheel Team 6’; an elite squad of bike activists

Wheel Team 6 in action.
(Graphic: Ethan Jewett)

This morning’s protests of the Jarvis Street bike lane removal in Toronto spurred me to finally publicly share an idea I’ve been daydreaming about for a long time now: An elite squad of bike activists that swing into action and swoop down on cities and towns to defend bicycling.

When I hear about blatant bike injustices around the country, I envision these elite activists parachuting in, documenting the problem, exposing the bad guys, and forcing the change/fix/policy that’s needed.

After sharing the idea on Twitter, local sportswriter Brian Gjurgevich coined the name “Wheel Team 6” in deference to SEAL Team 6, the U.S. Navy SEAL team that took down Osama Bin Laden…

— Are powerful political players manipulating local process and the local media in order to prevent the installation of protected bike lanes around popular park? Call Wheel Team 6.

— Are leaders of a small casino town attempting to prohibit bicycle riding? Call Wheel Team 6.

— Are the police in your town showing complete apathy when it comes to tracking down dangerous drivers who kill and then leave the scene? Call Wheel Team 6.

— Is your Governor so afraid of powerful interest groups and so uninformed about traffic issues that he has opposed attempts to pass a safe passing law? Twice?! Call Wheel Team 6.

— Is your mayor ranting against bicycling and threatening to remove bike lanes? Call Wheel Team 6.

Initial response on Twitter has been positive. Some say they’re ready enlist. Others say we should use Kickstarter for start-up funds. One of our friends, Ethan Jewett, was kind enough to mock up a design for our Wheel Team 6 chopper…

OK, so maybe this is just a fun thought experiment. But, if nothing else, perhaps it provides someone inspiration for a Filmed By Bike project! (Thanks MJ).

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