Pick up your holiday tree by bike and join the #christmasfeats

Pick up your holiday tree by bike and join the #christmasfeats

Carl Larson proves you don’t need a car
— or cargo bike — to pick up your tree.
(Photo: Carl Larson)

Portland not only has more people who use their bikes for transportation than any other major U.S. city, we are also the epicenter of cargo bike construction, sales, and appreciation. Given those two things, it’s not surprising that a lot of Portlanders pick up their Christmas trees by bike.

I’ve noticed several of you posting photos of your tree pick-ups to various social media sites with the hashtag #christmasfeats. To encourage more of this behavior, I figured I’d share some of those photos…

Here’s Travis Wittwer and his boys in front of their home in North Portland:

(Photo: Wittwer family)

And Brian Davis opted for a small tree that fit nicely on his rear rack:

(Photo: Brian Davis)

And then there’s none other than Emily Finch (not shown: 2 kids, 3 dozen eggs, 4 lbs butter, baker’s sugar, 5 boxes tree lights, birthday candles, construction paper):

(Photo: Emily Finch)

Give it a try for yourself and if you’d like, upload a photo with the hashtag #christmasfeats for all to enjoy.


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