Wanted: Your stories

Wanted: Your stories

Hi everyone. I’m leaving this Friday for a family road trip down to southern California (with stops in the Redwoods, Marin, Oakland, and more). As usual around the holidays, I won’t be posting as many stories as you’re used to. I’ll still be working and minding the ship while I’m on the road; but I’d love to share some of your stories here on the Front Page to supplement the drop-off in volume.

Earlier this year I was impressed by some of the reader stories I was able to publish. To make it easier, I even put together a handy submission form.

As for what I’m looking for, it depends. I’m open to almost anything. Is there a program or person that has inspired you to bike more? Know of an interesting bike personality that lives in your neighborhood? Have a nagging bike legal issue you’ve been thinking about? Have some gorgeous bike photos you’d like to share? Or how about a recap of a project meeting you’ve attended? As long as it has to do with biking in the Portland metro area, I’m interested.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me.

And like I said, even though I’m on the road, I’ll still be posting new stories daily (give or take a few days near Christmas of course). And I’ll also be looking to do some reporting from places I visit. Friends that live in Oakland have set up a tour of the Xtracycle headquarters, I might get a chance to visit the hot biking city of Long Beach, and there’s always a chance I might connect for a ride on Mt. Tam with Gary Fisher. Should be fun.

I look forward to seeing your stories and sharing them here on the Front Page (here’s that submission form again). Thanks.


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