Reader story: The Tiniest Bright Spot (a poem about riding in January)

Reader story: The Tiniest Bright Spot (a poem about riding in January)

Last (and cold) sunrise of 2010-1

This poem was submitted by reader and St. Johns resident Jamie Caulley. I think it captures the challenge and the beauty of riding through Portland winters. Read it below the jump…

The Tiniest Bright Spot
by Jamie Caulley

    January —
    The darkest time of the year
    the rainiest month
    the post-holiday sluggishness —
    a bike commuter’s biggest challenge

    Festive Christmas light brightened my December commutes
    now gone

    Leaves, vanished from the trees
    dissolved into lingering dark mush on the road

    Bitter darkness surrounds me
    Blindly, I bang into multiplying potholes

    Winter wind whips through barren trees
    the only sound

    My rides, lonely
    lack vigor

    Early on an ordinary Thursday
    surprised by an unexpected break
    a lack of resistance from the air
    I begin to ride in a comfortable rhythm
    finding a grey, but clear, view of the Willamette
    No rain pelts my face

    Today, the pavement is partially dry
    Gaining positive energy, I stand up on my pedals
    increasing my cadence
    Spring-like air rushes past my cheeks
    I relish it
    Still cool, still moist
    But noticeably a few degrees warmer

    My usual winter route skirts Grant Park
    The cloud break allows just enough light to safely ride through
    Pedaling down the path between old maple trees
    I recognize I am not alone
    something else is enjoying this tiny change in the weather
    a songbird

    Nearing the office,
    I feel ready to start work for the first time in a long while
    I remember the reason I ride

    Too early for long sun-filled days
    six more weeks of winter struggle
    somehow easier this morning
    allowing the tiniest bright spot of hope
    that spring would soon return

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