Thieves steal tandem from Vancouver couple that can’t drive – UPDATED

Thieves steal tandem from Vancouver couple that can’t drive – UPDATED

White Peugeot tandem stolen in Vancouver.
(Photo: Kimberlee Turner)

Several readers have shared a bike theft story from just over the river that deserves wider attention.

According to The Columbian, a young married couple that live in Vancouver have had their tandem stolen. The reason I’m putting this on the Front Page is because the couple, Harly and Courtney Forbes (22 and 21 years of age) are “developmentally delayed” says the paper, and are unable to drive a car. Not only that, but Mr. Forbes just recently traded in his Schwinn Varsity to buy the $900 tandem so he and Courtney could get around together.

Here’s more from The Columbian:

“9 a.m. Monday, the family awoke to find the bike lock had been cut and the tandem bike stolen from the porch of their central Vancouver home.

“I can’t believe they would do something like that,” Harly Forbes said. “I just want them to bring it back. Hopefully we can get it back.”

The thieves even propped a rocking chair that was on the porch under the front doorknob, apparently so that the homeowners wouldn’t be able to chase them if the theft was discovered.

Turner said that the white bike, which cost about $900, is worth more than the family can afford to replace.”

Besides photos of the bike (it’s a Peugeot), the only other evidence to go on is this security camera video that captures images of the thieves making off with the bike (their faces are not recognizable):

We have a lot of readers in Vancouver and there’s a good chance this bike will end up on Craigslist and/or on the streets of Portland. Let’s see if the eyes of the community can help track this bike down and hopefully return it to Harly and Courtney. If you see the bike and/or think you have information about the thieves or the bike’s whereabouts, call 911 or call the Vancouver Police Department at (360) 487-7355.

— Read The Columbian story for photos and the full story.

UPDATE, 5:00pm: A fundraising site has been set up to help them buy a new bike.

UPDATE, 1/8: The Forbes’ have been given a new tandem! Read the full story in The Columbian.


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