First look: New mid-block crossing for Rock Creek Trail

First look: New mid-block crossing for Rock Creek Trail

Washington County advocates are celebrating the completion of a new mid-block crossing. Now, people riding on the Rock Creek Trail (a paved path) will have a much more intuitive, safe, and efficient way to get across NW Evergreen Parkway.

When we first reported on this project back in November 2010, reader Matt Picio shared with us that people on bikes were forced to go 1/4 out of their way to a high-traffic intersection” in order to cross. “Not very pleasant,” he wrote.

The Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition featured the project in their January newsletter. According to their report and photos, the new crossing has come with a zebra-striped crosswalk, a new traffic signal for NW Evergreen traffic, a new walking signal for trail users, and ramps from the bike lanes on NW Evergreen up to the trail. The planted median, which used to be a barrier to cross-traffic, now has a wide, curbed-off area where people can wait to cross.

“Although the design doesn’t quite treat bicycles as legitimate vehicles,” writes the WashCo BTC, “it is definitely an improvement over the 6″ high median barrier.”

Here are a few more photos (courtesy of WashCoBTC)…

Now advocates and the Oregon Department of Transportation have their eyes on another major crossing gap nearby: Cornell Rd. Fortunately, the grant applications are already in. Learn more about this project here.


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