New company will use bikes to power billboards, promotions

New company will use bikes to power billboards, promotions

PDX Pedal Promotions is a new company that will unleash bike-riding “brand peddlers” throughout the streets of Portland. These riders will pedal around billboards towed in trailers behind bicycles and will do other other bike-based promotions. They call it “Portland style advertising.”

Here’s more from their website:

”PDX Pedal Promotions offers outdoor mobile billboard advertising. Unlike wrapping the [pedi]cabs, our peddlers tote billboards behind their bikes! This method of advertising has proven to be extremely effective, memorable & personable. Not only do our brand peddlers distract the audience with your mobile banner, we also act as brand ambassadors by handing out promotional material and engaging with the audience to create a personable & meaningful experience. Eco-friendly advertising gives your company a ‘green-edge’ which is also hip with our Portland crowd.”

The company was co-founded by two entrepreneurs with many years of marketing and business management experience. Tracie Benjamin and Ryan Conner. Benjamin tells us she’s lived in Portland for 23 years and worked at an ad agency in downtown Portland prior to launching Pedal Promotions. “Every week I would pass hundreds of bikers while commuting around the area,” she shared in an email yesterday. Benjamin says her new company is an attempt to make brand impressions off-line, in a more personal way. “That idea, combined with Portland’s culture, landed us PDX Pedal Promotions.”

The company is sponsored by Volt Electric, a Portland-based electrician services provider owned by Benjamin’s business partner, Ryan Conner. He says many of his customers want to be “eco-friendly” so he’s confident bicycle-powered advertising will be well-received.

PDX Pedal Promotions will focus their routes on Portland’s central city, from Nob Hill in northwest, Lloyd Center in the east, the central eastside, and the South Waterfront. Clients will purchase packages of one to 10 rides lasting three hours each.

This new company will join others that offer bike-based advertising and promotions. B-Line PDX, primarily a cargo delivery company, wraps their large trikes with advertisements and passes out free products at events. Portland Pedal Power, who also mainly focuses on delivery, offers a suite of mobile marketing services. Several of Portland’s pedicab companies also carry advertising messages on their cabs.

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