The Monday Roundup

The Monday Roundup

Welcome to your weekly roundup of the best bike stories on the web…

— Big news from Colorado this morning: According to the Denver Post, the bike ban in the small town of Black Hawk has been overturned by the Colorado Supreme Court.

— It was a big week for cyclocross in America with Louisville hosting the 2013 World Championships. A Wall Street Journal piece declared the event, “The Other (Cooler) Super Bowl.” From what I heard, the weather was severe, but the crowds were undeterred. If you missed the action, catch replays over at

— And just how bad can things get for Lance Armstrong? Across the pond they’re wondering whether everyone who bought his “It’s not about the bike” book should get a refund. “It wasn’t about the bike, after all.”

— Have you heard the rumors that President Obama might pick Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa for US DOT Secretary? Well, Villaraigosa says it’s not going to happen (at least until the end of June).

— This is pretty sweet. A 10-year old boy from Newport Beach, California has started a bike-based recycling business.

— A lot of folks in the advocacy world are wondering how to more effectively connect health issues to active transportation. If you’re one of them, there’s a new page on the Federal Highway Administration website that might be worth checking out.

— This Daily Beast article asks a very good question: Where are the Bicycles in Post-Apocalyptic Fiction?

— San Francisco continues to make noise about their ambition new bike plan. Unfortunately it’s largely unfunded (sound familiar?).

— If you’re a fan of the Lovely Bicycle blog, you’ll be happy to know that Ms. Constance Winters is now writing the “Upright Citizen” blog on

— One way to improve bicycling that is relatively inexpensive and not too ambitious is to make neighborhood streets nicer to bike on. It’s great to see that concept continue to spread as our friends in Pasadena, California get set to enjoy their first bicycle boulevard.

— Fat biking is set for a big year. If you haven’t thought much about it yet, this story from KATU is a good primer.

— Here’s a fun one from pseudo-news site NewsBiscuit: Cyclists furious as council paint everything else luminous green.

— Has anyone tried this Lovetrack iPhone app (video below)? It looks pretty nifty. Sort of like Strava but more visual and for around-town rides instead of serious training rides.

Lovetrack from Lovetrack on Vimeo.

We round up the best bike-inspired things we find on the web each Monday. If you’d like to share something you come across, drop us a line and we’ll give it a look. For more great bike links, be sure to follow @BikePortland on Twitter.


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