The Monday Roundup

The Monday Roundup

(Photo: B-cycle)

Lots of fun stories, news, and other stuff to share from last week, so let’s get started…

— It is truly exciting to watch the launch of CitiBike bike-share in New York City. According to Streetsblog, over 4,000 people signed up for a membership in the first 24 hours.

— Almost as cool as the launch of CitiBike was news from Madison, Wisconsin that B-cycle has introduced a trike into their bike-share fleet.

— In other news about pedal powered vehicles with more than two wheels, a judge in Ohio ruled in favor of a man who rides a quadricycle on city streets and they redefined the state’s definition of “bicycle” in doing so.

— New figures from AAA show that the cost of owning a car is up to $9,000 a year thanks to maintenance, insurance and fuel costs.

— That price tag might help explain why younger Americans are driving so much less these days (while public transit and bicycle use are skyrocketing). And there are other factors too, as explained by The Washington Post’s Wonkblog.

— We’ve all heard how women played a major role in the history of bicycling. Now this story about Annie “Londonderry” Kopchovsky, who set out to ride around the world in 1894, takes it to a whole new level.

— NPR took a look at a singlespeed bike that can go nearly 100 mph.

— Is more driving always tied to positive economic growth? Research from the Federal Highway Administration, Exploring the Relationship between Travel Demand and Economic Growth is inconclusive, but it’s a helpful resource to learn from.

Check out this article from Wisconsin Bike Federation and you’ll have some good fodder for debate next time someone you know rants about how “all bicyclists are scofflaws!”

— And if that scofflaw tirade devolves into a “war on cars” rant, point the person to this article in the Washington City Paper: There Is No War on Cars So why do we keep hearing so much about it?.

— A disturbing news story from Baltimore about people being assaulted while riding bikes.

— And in Seattle, a woman was beat up by a man who tried to steal the bike she was riding.

— If you haven’t done so yet, you simply must check out the coverage of members of the House Appropriations Committee grilling US DOT Secretary Ray LaHood about his support for the Columbia River Crossing project.

— It’s not hard to see why House Republicans are wary of the CRC — especially when you find things in the project budget like a $17 million museum.

— Guess who got interviewed on The Bicycle Story last week?

— After ten years, the Mayor of Toronto isn’t too thrilled with BIXI, his city’s bike-share system.

— Bicycling Magazine released their reviews of the nation’s Best City Bikes.

— Here’s an obvious idea from New York City I could see being put to use in Portland: Bicycle parking protected bike lanes.

— Venerable saddle maker Brooks announced a new, non-leather saddle called Cambium and they’re looking for testers.

— OurKickstarter of the Week is Moberi: A Portland-based effort to create a pedal-powered smoothie empire.

— And finally today, check out this awesome commercial for Clever Cycles’ Dutch Tub rental program:

If you come across a notable bike story, share it with us and we’ll post it here on the Monday Roundup.

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