A Big Bike Weekend Event Guide

A Big Bike Weekend Event Guide

Alpenrose Challenge

The Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge
is this Saturday.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

We don’t usually capitalize our headlines; but there’s so much going on this weekend I felt it was necessary. Of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, I’ll be out of town enjoying some of the best bikeways in North America in Sunriver with my family this weekend and next, so I hope everyone has a great time without me!

And by all means, if you attend any of the awesome events below, feel free to send in photos and recaps so we can consider posting some of them here on the Front Page for everyone to enjoy.

Strap in, there’s a lot going on…

Saturday, July 13th

Alpenrose Velodrome Challenge
This three-day event technically begins Friday; but head over to the track at Alpenrose any time this weekend and you’ll be treated to some of the fastest oval riders in the world. Full details here

Seattle-to-Portland Classic
The 34th annual edition of this classic ride will see upwards of 10,000 people coming into Portland on Saturday and Sunday. The finish line is at Holladay Park in the Lloyd District, so if you want to cheer folks on and enjoy the big bike expo, it’s a great place to check out. Full details here

Cycle Oregon Weekend
2,000 people will descend on the campus of Oregon State University in Corvallis this weekend for “Summer Bike Camp”. In recent years, Cycle Oregon Weekend has become just as popular as its big sister event, the week-long Cycle Oregon ride. Unfortunately registration is closed, but we wanted to let folks know about it anyways (there’s always next year!). Full details here

Disaster Relief Trials/Cascadia Cargo Bike Fair

This is the second annual DRT and it’s going to be much bigger and better than last year. The base camp will be the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry (OMSI) where the cargo bike/disaster prep enthusiasts behind this event have worked their way into the Sustainable Transportation Expo. Also, in addition to the competitive, 30 mile circuit that will test the limits of cargo bikes and their riders, there will be a Cargo Bike Fair which promises to be a gathering of load-hauling, pedal-powered vehicles the likes of which have never been seen. Check the full schedule and more details here.

Portland Police Bureau Bicycle Safety Fiesta

The Youth Serviced Division of the Portland Police Bureau is hosting a “Bicycle Safety “Fiesta” to benefit the Cully neighborhood in northeast Portland. There will be informational booths about bicycling and members of the PPB will be there to hang out with you and your little ones. The Fiesta will be set up on NE Killingsworth between 67th and 68th from 4:00 to 9:00 pm.

Sunday, July 14th

“Lost Cyclist” author David Herlihy at Velo Cult
David V. Herlihy, author of Bicycle: The History and The Lost Cyclist, will present newly recovered images from a famous round-the-world bicycle journey taken in 1891. 8:00 pm at Velo Cult (1969 NE 42nd).

Bikenomics and Urban Policy Panel at Portland Art Museum/Cyclepedia Exhibition
The Cyclepedia exhibit continues to reach beyond the gallery and this Sunday the Portland Art Museum will host a panel on the economics of bicycling. Panelists include Congressman Earl Blumenauer, PSU Professor Jennifer Dill, PBOT Bicycle Coordinator Roger Geller, and author, activist, and publisher Elly Blue. That’s a great lineup and I’m sure the discussion will be too. Tickets are free for museum members and $15 otherwise. Full details here.

I’m sure we’ve left some things out, so if you know of any great bike events this weekend, let us know in the comments.

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