NY Times shares Pearl District “bike style” with the world

NY Times shares Pearl District “bike style” with the world

Still from NY Times video.

The venerable New York Times turned their video lens to Portland’s Pearl District and is currently sharing the results on their home page for all the world to see. In Intersection: Bicycle Style in the Pearl they capture the personal style perspectives of four Portlanders who bike.

Depending on your feelings about bikes, fashion, the Pearl District, or any combination of the three, the video (below) will likely either amuse, inspire, or annoy. What’s interesting to us is that northwest Portland (which includes the Pearl) was one of only two places in the city to record a decrease in ridership according to the City’s 2012 counts (a 5.7% decline from 2011 numbers). It’s also worth noting that the video was shot on NW 13th, which we hope will someday become Portland’s first shopping street/promenade where parking and through access for drivers is prohibited. The video also shows just the latest recognition of bicycle fashion among the major media — a sign that bicycling is becoming more mainstream in America.

Check out the video below for the latest in “bike style in the Pearl”…

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