10 day closure of Interstate Bridge path starts today at noon

10 day closure of Interstate Bridge path starts today at noon

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Southbound path of Interstate Bridge will
have to handle more bikers and walkers going both
directions from today through August 9th.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

The Oregon Department of Transportation issued a statement last night to warn travelers that the northbound biking and walking path on the Interstate Bridge will close for 10 days. The closure begins today (7/31) at noon and goes through August 9th.

ODOT says the northbound path will close 24/7 so crews can work on the steel gussets along the side of the bridge. “The sidewalk closure is needed so the contractor can use equipment to lower themselves over the side of the bridge to perform repairs,” ODOT said in an official statement.

According to ODOT’s Jessica Horning, the wayfinding signage outlining the detour to the southbound path has already been posted. She shared the maps below to give you a sense of what to expect if/when you head out there…

Here’s the south side of the river…

And the north…

This is an inconvenient situation. These paths are already ridiculously narrow and difficult for many people to navigate. The added, two-way traffic will only make things more uncomfortable. Our advice is to pass oncoming riders and walkers very carefully and pull over and put a foot down if necessary and possible. There’s also an incline on the path, so it’s a good idea to yield to people going downhill. Hopefully they finish the work early. If you ride this route, let us know how the detour is working out for you. And if you have other tips on how to handle riding on the path safely, feel free to share them below.

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