Williams Avenue New Seasons moves staples to improve bike parking

Williams Avenue New Seasons moves staples to improve bike parking

bike parking at New Seasons -8

Bike staples at the North Williams and Fremont
New Seasons were torn up so they could
be moved further from the wall.
(Photo © J. Maus/BikePortland)

It’s always nice to see a retailer going the extra mile to improve their bike-friendliness, and for us, it’s even nicer when the business was alerted to the problem by BikePortland commenters.

In this case, the action is coming from grocer New Seasons, which is tearing up and reinstalling a set of bike staples that turned out to be too close to its new building on North Williams.

“Your blog commenters were right on so we asked the architect/builder to review the install of the racks,” New Seasons spokeswoman Elizabeth Nardi wrote in an email Tuesday morning. “The person installing the staples had them too close to the building. They needed to get new hardware, but they will be reinstalled shortly at the correct distance from the building. Pretty incredible your readers were able to spot that mistake from the picture.”

Kudos to sharp-eyed commenter Todd Hudson and the other readers who publicly workshopped this problem beneath our post last week, and to New Seasons for understanding how important bike-friendliness will be to the success of their new location.

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