Police arrest three teens, one in connection with bike-related assault

Police arrest three teens, one in connection with bike-related assault

Portland police arrested a teen boy Sunday in an iPhone robbery who they say is linked to an Aug. 19 assault and robbery involving a person on a bike.

Samaryia Lambert, 15, was taken in along with Aureaunte Bennett, 15, and Anthony Madison, 16, after several officers with a police dog responded to a 9:53 p.m. robbery of a person at Northeast 21st and Alberta by three teens. The alleged victim identified all three, police said.

Lambert was then identified by detectives as “the suspect in an Aug. 19 assault and robbery at Northeast 17th Avenue and Klickitat Street, where the victim was assaulted and knocked off his bicycle,” according to a police news release.

“Robbery detectives are reviewing other reports to determine if any of the suspects may have been involved in other assaults or robberies in Portland,” the news release said.

The unwritten implication here is that there may be a connection to the string of bike-related assaults by small groups of young people that attracted media attention last month on our site and others. We’ll refrain from speculating, except to hope that the criminals are indeed caught.

Lambert was arrested on suspicion of two counts of second-degree robbery and one third-degree assault. Bennett and Madison were suspected of one count each of second-degree robbery. Police released the minors’ names because Robbery II is a serious enough crime to trigger the state’s manatory minimum sentencing laws.

“Anyone with information about this group is asked to contact Det. Robert Hollins at (503) 823-3441 or robert.hollins@portlandoregon.gov,” the news release said.

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