Vancouver residents, speak up for bicycling at Washington State Senate listening sessions

Vancouver residents, speak up for bicycling at Washington State Senate listening sessions

If you think projects like this new buffered bike lane in
Vancouver are the right direction for Washington,
it’s time to make your voice heard.
(Photo: Dan Packard)

Do you like the new buffered bike lanes along MacArthur in Vancouver? Want a multi-use path out to Vancouver Lake? How about a 33 mile trail through the county near Battle Ground? Face dangerous conditions biking to work or can’t find a safe way to get around your neighborhood? Worried that your kid may be injured biking to school?

Residents of SW Washington will have a chance next week to tell legislators that we want and need more bicycle and pedestrian facilities in our communities and that they should be part of a statewide transportation package.

The State Senate Transportation Committee is holding ‘listening sessions’ around the state and will be in Vancouver Monday, October 7, 6-9 pm at the Department of Transportation Southwest Region Office (11018 Northeast 51st Circle). The hearing was originally scheduled to be held at the main library, but so many people have attended previous sessions — almost 400 people showed up in Bellingham — the location was changed to a larger facility.

“You need to speak up for smart, healthy, cost-effective transportation networks that mean safety and jobs for all of us,” reads a statement on the Bicycle Alliance of Washington’s website. “Now is our time to let them know that Washingtonians want a balanced transportation package that invests in safer streets for our schools, and that investments in walking and biking provide cost-effective and common sense solutions to congestion, improving safety for people who drive, walk, bike, and take transit.”

It will likely be crowded, so if you plan to attend, show up early (especially if you want to speak). Speakers will likely have two or three minutes to talk. Bring your personal stories about bike or walking experiences, both good and not so good, and how better infrastructure would help. And as a bonus for attending: Bike Clark County will be handing out their cool t-shirts!

Those unable to attend the session can submit comments online.

— Read more from our Vancouver, Washington correspondent Madeleine von Laue in the archives.

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