TriMet to promote visibility during annual ‘Be seen Be safe’ campaign

TriMet to promote visibility during annual ‘Be seen Be safe’ campaign

TriMet promotional photo.

The days are getting shorter and that means more of our travel trips are being made in low-light and dark conditions. In an effort to promote visibility, TriMet is gearing up for their annual — and award-winning — “Be Seen. Be Safe” promotional campaign. The idea behind the effort, says TriMet, is to “educate people with simple steps we can all take to stay safe when walking and biking.”

According to their own study, on average, about 30 percent of collision incidents throughout the TriMet system occur in dark or dusk conditions. Statewide, Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) data shows that in 2012, 23 of the 60 fatal pedestrian/motor vehicle collisions either happened at night or were caused in part by a lack of visibility.

TriMet’s campaign will begin when Daylight Savings Time ends on November 3rd. Similar to last year, TriMet will deploy volunteer “shiny street teams” that will canvass bus and MAX stops sporting hi-vis apparel and sharing safety tips. The street teams will be out in force, says TriMet, during the week of November 4-8th. Last year over 70 volunteers worked 20 different locations. New for 2013, TriMet says they’ve coordinated with Portland Public Schools to get high-schoolers on the teams. The students will work before and after school, distributing reflective items to other students on campus.

In addition to the street teams, TriMet will try and blanket local and social media with “Be seen” messaging, editorial content, TV commercials, and so on.

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