Springwater now paved — and open — from Portland to Boring

Springwater now paved — and open — from Portland to Boring

Newly paved, now open.
(Photo: Clackamas County)

As promised last month, Clackamas County has just announced that paving is complete on the final segment of the Springwater Corridor Trail from Rugg Road to Boring Station Trailhead Park. This 2.25 mile section now means the popular paved path extends 21 miles from downtown Portland to Boring.

The new section is 10-feet wide with 2-4 feet of compacted gravel shoulders (for people on horses). The County has also added a new bridge deck and railings and improved intersection treatments and signage at street crossings. Funding for the $1.9 million project came from a $1.2 million federal Transportation Enhancement grant and addition funds from Metro’s 2006 Natural Areas Bond Measure and Clackamas County Parks.

I had the pleasure of riding the newly paved section a few weeks ago and it’s fantastic. If you’re looking for a fun weekend excursion from Portland, take the Blue Line MAX to the end of the line in Gresham and head south to connect to the Springwater Corridor. Once on it, you’ll ride east for a few miles before turning south where you’ll hit the new section and you can take it to Boring, or continue a few miles south to Barton Park for a view of the Clackamas River.

Clackamas County is hosting a community ribbon-cutting event on February 1st at Boring Trailhead Park.

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