Progress on North Portland Greenway in St. Johns area

Progress on North Portland Greenway in St. Johns area

The newest piece of the North Portland Greenway
is this paved path through cedar trees in Pier Park.
(Photo by NPGreenway)

There’s progress being made on the North Portland Greenway, a project that will someday connect the existing Eastbank Esplanade at the Steel Bridge with a biking and walking path all the way to the Columbia River north of St. Johns.

According to photos and an email sent to us by NPGreenway Core Team co-chairperson Francie Royce, the City of Portland is currently building the new bridge and paved trail that will connect Chimney Park and Pier Park (north of downtown St. Johns). Currently, the two parks are separated by a gulch that provides right of way for a Union Pacific Railroad line that leads to nearby industrial areas.

As we reported last year, the Pier-Chimney Bridge that spans between the two parks attracted protests from tree conservation advocates. That dispute was resolved amicably and construction is on pace to be completed this year. The estimated price of the 120-foot long bridge is $1.7 million which was funded through a federal grant and $220,000 from the City of Portland.

Another bridge that will connect greenway users from Chimney Park over Columbia Blvd and into the St. Johns Prairie (formerly known as the St. Johns landfill), is also funded and slated for construction in 2016. Portland Parks initially had an at-grade crossing planned where greenway users would have had to cross Columbia Blvd via a signal or other crossing treatment. But advocates — including Metro Councilor Sam Chase — successfully lobbied for the bridge.

Check out the detail map below of Portland Parks’ Trail Segment 2 to better understand the context of the new path and bridges:

Learn more about the North Portland Greenway on the City’s official project website.

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