TriMet unveils new bridge name finalists: What do you think?

TriMet unveils new bridge name finalists: What do you think?

TriMet has narrowed down possible names for their new bridge.

This morning at a presentation at the Oregon Historical Society in downtown Portland, TriMet unveiled the four finalists in their search for a name that will forever identify their new bridge over the Willamette.

Below are the four finalists and a brief description (from TriMet) of its origin:

  • Abigail Scott Duniway Transit Bridge – Known as the “Mother of Equal Suffrage,” and “the pioneer woman suffragist of the great Northwest,” Abigail Scott Duniway dedicated herself to social justice, education and family welfare for more than 40 years.
  • Cascadia Crossing Transit Bridge – “Cascadia” takes its name from the Cascade Range and its snow capped mountains, which provide a scenic backdrop along much of the Willamette River Valley. The word describes a cross-border region of the greater Northwest.
  • Tillicum Crossing Transit Bridge, Bridge of the People – “Tillicum” is a word in Chinook jargon that means people, tribe and relatives.
  • Wy’east Transit Bridge – Wy’east” is the original name of Mt. Hood.

These names are a result of a big push by TriMet (that started last fall) to garner public feedback and ideas. They received nearly 9,500 names

In a statement released today, the chair of the naming committee, Chet Orloff said, “We selected these names because they reflect aspects of this region’s unique history, values and communicate the importance of community connections, both through transit and a shared history, now and for generations to come.”

The new bridge is part of the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail project and is the first bridge to be built over the Willamette River in 40 years. It’s also notable because cars and trucks won’t be allowed — only people riding transit, bicycles, and walking (or rolling) will be allowed access. It’s slated to open on September 12th, 2015.

What do you think? What’s your favorite?

I’m partial to Cascadia Crossing because it’s simple and Cascadia is already a term many people identify with. And for what it’s worth, my personal preference would be to drop the word “Transit” from the name. When I hear that term I think of rail and buses and it feels like it excludes biking and walking.

TriMet says they’ll take public feedback on these names until March 1st. Check out for more info.

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