Portland’s ‘Unipiper’ Brian Kidd on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Portland’s ‘Unipiper’ Brian Kidd on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Brian Kidd, the local street performer who’s made a name for himself (“The Unipiper,” to be precise) by providing his own soundtrack for the one-wheeled vehicle he claims to have found in a Dumpster, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for last night’s show.

It’s nothing lots of Portlanders haven’t seen before — Kidd’s bagpiping, unicycling, geekily costumed setup is a fairly common site around the central city in the summer — but it’s always nice to see a local lover of cycling fun making good. Earlier this month, he was featured in a profile on BoingBoing.net.

I was dubious about Kidd’s origin story (what Portlander would leave a working unicycle in a Dumpster?) until I found out that the Dumpster was at the University of Virginia, where he went to school. The story he tells Kimmel of where to get a set of firebreathing bagpipes, however, sounded much more authentic.

“You have a good buddy who’s into fire,” Kidd explained for last night’s show.

Now that’s the Portland I know and love. See you around, Brian.

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