Locked Up: A vintage Peugeot mixte with tasteful upgrades

Locked Up: A vintage Peugeot mixte with tasteful upgrades

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-3

This old Peugeot, parked in front of the Multnomah County Health building on SE Stark, is a feast for bike nerds and a testament to its owner’s eye for beautiful and functional upgrades.
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePortland)

Welcome back to Locked Up. It’s been two years since we last shared a beautiful and/or interesting bike we found parked in a Portland bike rack.

Today’s subject is a gorgeous, green, single-speed Peugeot mixte that caught my eye as I rolled into my office this morning. I love the classic and simple lines of these bikes and this one in particular has some very nice custom touches that made me loop back and take a closer look.

As you can see in the photos below, the owner of this bike has added key upgrades including: a chromed chainguard (I don’t think it’s stock), a hub dynamo powered headlight and tailight, a durable set of tires, a wire front basket, a bell, a new pair of stout, metal fenders, aftermarket handlebars (wrapped in white bar tape to match the white saddle of course), and even a DIY frame strap near the bottom bracket to make it easier to carry.

It’s obvious that the owner of this bike knows what he/she is doing. I especially liked the spoke card in the rear wheel from a past Pedalpalooza ride.

The result is a bike that oozes class and manages a nearly perfect balance of form and function. Take a closer look via the photos below…

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-3

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-4

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-5

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-7

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-8

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-10

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-11

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-12

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-13

Locked-up Raleigh downtown-9

Nice huh? I love seeing old bikes still going strong and serving their owner’s well.

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