What do Portlanders want? New PBOT video answers the question

What do Portlanders want? New PBOT video answers the question

This gentleman said we should support
the growing number of bike riders.

What are Portlanders’ top priorities when it comes to improvements to our transportation system? The Bureau of Transportation is very interested in the answer to this question as part of their effort to raise new revenue.

At one of their recent town hall meetings on transportation funding, a PBOT staffer did on-camera interviews with several attendees and the final video has just been released.

Here’s a sampling of what people said:

“I think for too long we’ve given the priority to cars and we’re paying the consequences, both financially and in terms of our health and our environment. We need to encourage everyone to drive less…”

“Transit issues inherently and overwhelmingly impact lower income communities so we need to talk about them ore often and address them first and foremost.”

“Better access to transportation for youth, particularly in east Portland.”

“The street I live on is relatively busy and we have one tiny shoulder to walk on.”

“Over the years, there are more and more bicycles on the road all year long and it’s important that we support this.”

“I’m interested in trying to work out some of the problems we have on Beaverton-Hillsdale Highway coming through Hillsdale. I get worried about the bicyclists and the people in their cars during rush hour.”

“I want to see the basic condition of our streets maintained… the potholes filled.”

Watch the video here:

If this type of feedback is representative of the overall vibe PBOT is hearing, it appears that any new funding created by this initiative will be wisely spent.

This video is also notable for another reason: It shows that — thanks to bulking up their communications team recently — the agency is finally becoming a bit more polished when it comes to telling their stories to the public. That skill will be crucial if they want a majority of the public to support some type of new fee, tax, or whatever it is they end up proposing.

If you still haven’t told PBOT what’s important to you, visit OurStreetsPDX.com and take the survey.

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