Event will highlight e-bike trends in Oregon

Event will highlight e-bike trends in Oregon

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E-bike powered.
(Photo by J. Maus/BikePortland)

What’s the latest with electric bikes? Is their popularity growing or is it leveling out? What about the future? Will motorized and pedal-assisted bicycles ever be fully embraced by other road users?

These issues and more will be discussed at an event next month in downtown Portland. The event is being promoted and organized by Drive Oregon, a non-profit trade association that pushes “electric mobility and alternative means of transportation.”

We’ve covered e-bikes for years here on BikePortland. From the local industry that has sprung up around them to the people who credit them for changing their lives, they definitely seem to be gaining traction. That being said, they are still not commonly seen in the bike lanes and their mix of human and motor power makes it hard for them to find a comfortable niche among the existing mix of vehicles on the road.

On April 16th, Drive Oregon has invited Rob Kaplan of Currie Tech to speak and lead a discussion on e-bikes. Check out the event description below:

The electric bicycle industry has existed for many years, but now is experiencing significant growth. E-bikes are attracting more consumer interest as a convenient, efficient, and fun method of transportation. Where is the majority of that new demand coming from? What new technologies are being pursued by the industry to further improve the e-bike experience? How does Oregon fit into the picture?

Our April event will feature Rob Kaplan, of Currie Technologies. Currie Tech has been developing and producing high-quality e-bikes since 1997, and has a robust nationwide network of dealerships. Rob will share his perspective on the industry’s growth and future prospects, based on his experience at Currie Tech.

The event is free for Drive Oregon members and $25 for non-members. Wine, beer and light refreshments will be served. You can order tickets online.

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