Let’s help Richard get his bike back

Let’s help Richard get his bike back


Portlander Richard Lorenz got his high-end Moots titanium mountain bike stolen yesterday afternoon. Then last night he got tips and photos from from two people who saw his bike on the Eastbank Esplanade. Now he’s determined to get his bike back safe and sound and he’s hoping more eyes on the street can help him out.

The bike was taken from inside his car as it was parked in the parking garage on SW 6th and Salmon in downtown Portland. Richard had just sold the bike on eBay and was going to ship it out on Monday. He never got time to box it up and when he went out to his car after work he found his window smashed and the bike gone. He figured it was gone for good, but he still filed a stolen bike listing, made a police report, posted to Craigslist and generally spread the word however he could.

His work paid off when he received a few photos of his bike on the Eastbank Esplanade last night. Check out one of them below:

“So now I am optimistic that the bike is still around town somewhere and that someone knows or recognizes the people in these pictures,” Richard shared with us via email.

The bike should be easy to spot. It’s got a full XTR drivetrain, ENVE carbon wheels and bars and it has blue parts throughout.

If you see this bike, please call the Portland Police Bureau’s non-emergency line (503) 823-3333. The case number is 14-21876.

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