The BikePortland Podcast: The state of bike advocacy

The BikePortland Podcast: The state of bike advocacy

Bike Summit Lobby Day on Capitol Hill-13

Cycle Oregon Executive Director Alison Graves,
Community Cycling Center CEO Mychal Tetteh and
Humans on Bikes founder Christopher Delaney at the
National Bike Summit in Washington DC last month.
(Photo by J.Maus/BikePortland)

Does Portland-area bike advocacy lack a unifying theme?

That’s one of the questions we tackle in the BikePortland podcast’s latest episode, about the state of bicycle advocacy in Portland and elsewhere.

“We don’t have a short-term goal for how we want bicycling to get better,” co-host Jonathan Maus says in this month’s half-hour show. “We just sort of follow a shiny object. Oh, Barbur road diet has to happen. Over here, there’s been some tragedy, we have to go focus on Vision Zero. Oh, let’s go talk about 20s Bikeway. There’s no fundamental, organizing principle that everybody can rally around. I think that’s a big gap we have right now.”

On the other hand, would a unifying theme really serve the city best? Has the bike movement outgrown political unanimity? These are the questions we explore and debate in this month’s show.

As always, we close with a how-to tip (this one about how to efficiently support your favorite bike advocacy groups) and Lily’s favorite TriMet-related tweets of the month.

I hope you’ll tune in to the next episode too, when we’ll ring in the summer by talking about bicycles and fashion.

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