Latest Travel Oregon vid shows power of bike tourism for rural communities

Latest Travel Oregon vid shows power of bike tourism for rural communities

Riding the gravel roads of eastern Oregon.
(Still from video – Watch it below)

Remember last August when I had the very good fortune to sample the Treo Bike Ranch in eastern Oregon? I didn’t mention it at the time, but during that trip we were joined for one of the days by a professional film crew that was shooting for Travel Oregon.

It turns out our riding at Treo was just one of several pieces of an impressive new video just released by the statewide tourism agency. Communities Powered by Travel: Bicycle Tourism highlights several bike tourism success stories. It features business owners and community advocates that graduated from Travel Oregon’s Rural Tourism Studio training program which the agency says, “is designed to assist rural communities in sustainable tourism development.”
The three success stories in the video are Treo Bike Tours, the Old West Scenic Bikeway, and First City Cycles (based in Oregon City). Watch it below…

The video is the work of Maser Films, one of the top outdoor filmmakers in the country whose work includes projects for National Geographic and Oregon Public Broadcasting.

In the video you’ll see several clips of us riding the gravel roads near Phil Carlson’s ranch in Hardman as well as some breathtaking footage of some of the best riding our state has to offer. Mixed into the riding scenes are interviews from bike advocates and the business owners who have invested to make their destinations attractive to bicycle travelers.

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