New buffered bike lanes for Boones Ferry Road

New buffered bike lanes for Boones Ferry Road

Brand new buffered bike lane on SW Boones Ferry Road installed by Washington County.
(Photo: Robin Straughan)

Reader Robin Straughan sent in the news that Washington County has added buffered bike lanes and a sidewalk to a one-mile stretch of SW Boones Ferry Road between Tualatin and Wilsonville (map).

The $10 million project (paid for through a combo of local and state funds) widened and repaved the roadway in addition to improving bicycling and walking access.

Here’s more from Robin:

“This is a major bike commute route as well as north-south thoroughfare for anyone riding in the area. It used to be extremely treacherous due to a non-existent bike lane, no shoulder, fast cars, and terrible pavement. This project has made the road much better for all users. As a 45 MPH semi-rural road between the two cities, it feels much safer with the improvements. This year-long project added a real bike lane to a stretch of Boones Ferry Rd that had no bike infrastructure and connects it to other segments that already had bike lanes or ride-able shoulders.

Here’s a before photo to give you a sense of what it used to be like:

(Photo: Washington County)

And another angle from Robin:

(Photo: Robin Straughan)

Buffered bike lanes are relatively rare in Washington County. The first ones were installed back in September 2011.

Check out the official project page for more info.

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