Truck driver does ‘rollin’ coal’ on riders, and one of them is a bike cop

Truck driver does ‘rollin’ coal’ on riders, and one of them is a bike cop

Beaverton Police Officer writing up the truck
driver in a parking lot off SW Murray Blvd.
(Photo: Scolgan/Reddit)

A man driving a truck along SW Murray Road in Beaverton yesterday thought it’d fun to harass a group of bike riders; but he got more than he bargained for.

According to a Reddit user named “Scolgan”, the man driving the truck pulled close the riders and then as he pulled away, “he really got on the gas and covered them in a big black cloud of diesel exhaust.” What he didn’t know is that one of the people on bikes was an officer on the Beaverton Police Bicycle Patrol Unit.

Here’s more from Scolgan:

“… The driver ended up getting caught at the stop light a couple hundred yards away and the bike cop banged on his window and told him to pull into the shopping center. I watched for a few minutes as the cop was yelling at him for driving like an idiot and that he was using his vehicle as a weapon. I didn’t stay long enough to see what the final result was but it was great to see instant karma returned to the douche bag driver.

All cyclists including the cop were in the designated bike lane. The driver went out of his way to get close to the cyclists.”

This is what’s known as “rollin’ coal”, or when a truck driver intentionally creates a plume of smoke from their exhaust — a childish and dangerous act that’s all too common to bike riders. In fact, we wrote about this behavior back in February after a reader told us he was victimized by a similar tactic while riding near Mt. Tabor.

The incident posted to Reddit happened near the intersection of Murray and Millikan Way.

It’s great to see this guy brought to some amount of justice for his actions. And this is another great reason why more cities should have bicycle-mounted police officers. Kudos to the BPD for making bicycle patrol a priority and helping to crackdown on this type of behavior.

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