Driver cited in serious injury collision on SE Ankeny and 7th

Driver cited in serious injury collision on SE Ankeny and 7th

View eastbound on Ankeny at 7th.

Two people, one on a bicycle and one in a car, collided while traveling on SE Ankeny this morning.

According to the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), the incident occurred just before 7:46 am at the intersection of Ankeny and 7th. The collision involved someone driving a car and someone pedaling a bicycle. Here’s more from the PPB statement:

Officers determined that the driver of the car had turned left while traveling eastbound on S.E. Ankeny, onto northbound S.E. 7th. The driver turned into the path of the bicyclist causing the accident.

The driver of the vehicle had stopped prior to turning and did not show any signs of impairment. It appears that the driver did not see the bicyclist.

The bicycle rider suffered “serious but non-life-threatening” injuries and thankfully, the driver remained at the scene. Despite the troubling claim that “the driver did not see the bicyclist,” the driver was still given a citation for a Dangerous Left Turn.

This stretch of Ankeny is one of Portland’s earliest bike boulevards (developed before they were called “neighborhood greenways”). It is marked with sharrows but is a common source of complaints from road users who say that it carries more auto traffic than it should and that people who drive on it often go too fast.

Also notable about this incident is some of the wording in the official PPB press release. Its final paragraph reads:

The Portland Police Bureau would like remind all road-users to remain safe and to pay attention while using public roadways. We would also like to remind motorists to pay particular attention to vulnerable road-users.

That was unexpected. And nice to see.

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