Riders gush about new bike lanes on 52nd

Riders gush about new bike lanes on 52nd

Over 17 years (17!) after it was first identified as a priority project in the 1996 Bike Master Plan, construction of the 50s Bikeway Project is finally becoming a reality.

Put another way, at long last, new bike lanes are being striped as we type this.

We haven’t gotten out there ourselves to take a look but in the past few days we’ve heard from many readers who are excited to see the progress. So far, we’ve heard almost nothing but praise for the new bike lanes.

Until we can get out there for a more complete look and photo session ourselves, check out what commenters and our friends from Twitter and Facebook are saying so far…


“Yes the 52nd bike lanes feel especially roomy with plenty of space to avoid the door zone on the west side!”

Spencer B.:

“I just rode SE 52 w/ narrow road lanes AND bikes lanes and ITS AWESOME. Willamette ane EVERY other street with bike routes needs this ASAP. SE STEELE would be a great place to follow the Willamette redesign.”

Oregonian Mamacita:

“… the northbound lane of the new bike lanes on SE 52nd and SE Steele seems like a disaster! Cars can park in the bike lane. I just don’t understand the design. South bound is nice.

Northbound, I see drivers hitting the white stripe, while things are so much better going south- drivers are driving further from the bike lane.

I have observed this as a cyclist and a driver.”

Chris T.:

“There’s been a restriping project on 52nd over the last week which resulted in the installation of bike lanes south of foster. very nice of pbot to do this!”

Cory S.:

“… I ride this stretch everyday on my way to work as it’s the fastest way to connect me to the Springwater Corridor. I can’t wait for them to finish striping. I’m thinking they might be done by the end of this week [June 23rd] on this stretch.”

John McSideburns:

“Just saw the new bike lanes on SE 52nd yesterday evening as I passed on Holgate… pretty sweet!”

We’re looking forward to the completion of this project by the end of this summer. When it’s done, the project will create a bikeway for 4.3 miles between the Alameda Ridge area in northeast Portland down to SE Woodstock Blvd. The treatment will be a mix of six-foot wide bike lanes (south of Division) and neighborhood greenway (speed bumps, 20 mph speed limit, and so on).

Learn more about the project via PBOT or by perusing our story archives.

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