Blazers Bike Night updates: Signed helmet prize and Monday deadline

Blazers Bike Night updates: Signed helmet prize and Monday deadline

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If you haven’t grabbed your tickets for Blazers Bike Night on November 2nd yet, now is the time to do it.

If you buy tickets through our special link — using promo code “bike” — through this Monday (10/6) you’ll be guaranteed to sit in one of the Bike Night sections. That is, our friends at the Trail Blazers have set aside a few sections of seats so we can sit together; but only if you get tickets by Monday.

Since our first announcement last week, we’ve made a few updates and some clarifications about what to expect the night of the event.

But first, I just want everyone to know why the heck I’m doing this: Not only do I love basketball and bicycling; but I want to help foster a stronger connection between cycling and Portland’s only major “big three” pro sports team (no disrespect to the Timbers). I think it just makes good healthy sense in many ways. The Moda Center is located smack-dab in the middle of what some people consider “the heart of Portland’s active transportation network.” Not only that, but the Blazers organization has tentacles that reach far beyond that of any bike advocacy organization (or their respective budgets), so, I think anything the team does to raise the awareness of bicycling is really valuable.

(On that note, we’ve already got some exciting new partnerships brewing for Blazers Bike Night #2 later in the season!)

Now, onto the updates…

— The deadline for tickets that will put your seats in one of the BikePortland Cheering Sections is this Monday, October 6th. So far we’ve got about 50 people on board and we’d love to see three times that many! So order your tickets now (with promo code “bike”) so we can fill up all the BikePortland sections.

— Thanks to our friends from Go By Bike! (the nation’s largest bike valet) and BikeRacker, we’ll have free, secure, and civilized bike parking (and gear storage) at the event. Just roll up and drop off your bike and let the Go By Bike! staff take care of everything.

— The Trail Blazers have made us a special reflective sticker. Everyone who bought a ticket will get one upon arrival at the Moda Center campus before the game.

— One lucky ticket buy for the November 2nd game will get a special, Blazers-themed helmet signed by LaMarcus Aldridge! The helmet is small and would fit a child probably 5-7ish, but even if it goes to an adult it would make an awesome souvenir.

signed helmets for Blazers Bike Night!-2

Snazzy kids helmet signed by 2-time All-Star LaMarcus Aldridge.

— The game starts at 6:00 pm on Sunday night. We’ll meet at 4:30 at Peace Park on the corner of NE Lloyd Blvd and the Steel Bridge. We’ll do a quick rally, then mount up for the very short roll over to the Moda Center at around 4:45 or so. Bike parking will be set up in the plaza of the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum. Once all the bikes are parked, you can make signs at the sign-making station, grab your pinwheel sticker, install a free Blazers Bike Bell, and soak up the atmosphere. We’ll announce the lucky winner of the LaMarcus Aldridge autographed helmet, take a group photo, then find our seats.

— This goes without saying, but don’t forget to wear Blazer or Blazer-inspired gear! Not only does that make things more festive, but it increases our chances of getting some quality time on the Jumbotron during the game!

I think that should do it for now. Stay tuned to @BikePortland on Twitter for other updates and we’ll post anything major here on the Front Page.

Thanks to everyone who has bought tickets so far! If you have questions about this event, please leave a comment and I will response.

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