Event will spotlight “fearless” transportation ideas

Event will spotlight “fearless” transportation ideas


Stagnation got you down?

Tired of over-compromised projects that don’t move the needle?

Looking for exciting transportation projects you can really sink your teeth into?

Than we’ve got an event for you!

The Oregon Transportation Research and Education Consortium (OTREC) is hosting Let’s be Fearless: Big Ideas for our Transportation Future on October 27th.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Portland is often considered the leader in progressive multi-modal transportation systems but we’re being rapidly outpaced by competitors such as Minneapolis, Chicago and New York City. Now is the time to think big and get creative if we’re going to continue our place as a transportation leader.

[Sort of reminds me of the Big Ideas contest we did back in 2010.]

The event will be held on Portland State University’s campus and will feature 15 of “Portland’s brightest minds and engaging personalities,” who will compete for your attention by selling their big idea for the future of Portland’s transportation system in three minutes or less.

Event organizer Susan Peithman is assembling an intriguing list of presenters. The list so far includes: urban planner Nick Falbo, the man behind the “protected intersection” design (and much more); Kelly Clifton, the researcher who has helped us understand the connection between mode choice and shopping habits; Sarah Mirk, the former Portland Mercury reporter turned author and online editor of Bitch Magazine; Chris Distefano, a veteran bicycle industry PR and marketing expert who now works for Rapha Performance Roadwear; and others.

Peithman says the goal of the event is to, “Get people out of their comfort zone of what is and get them thinking about what can be.”

The event will be emceed by Steph Routh, a non-profit technology and communications consultant who wrote the book on moving-by-bike.

OTREC also plans to unveil a new name and rebranding that Peithman says will, “reflect OTREC’s evolution as Portland State’s transportation research and education center.”

If you have a big idea, Peithman is happy to consider adding you to the event. Just send a short paragraph about it to peithman@pdx.edu.

— Full event details at OTREC.us

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