A day to appreciate bicycle messengers

A day to appreciate bicycle messengers


After a long and illustrious career, Eric “Sharky” Young hung up his messenger bag this year. He was a credit to his profession (and, given the speed and skill with which he operated his bicycle, he was not easy to photograph.)
(Photos by J. Maus/BikePortland)

If you see a bike messenger in your office or in your lane today, give ‘em a nod or say “thanks.”

You should probably always do this, given the importance and symbolism of their chosen profession; but today is special because it’s 10-9 Day, a.k.a. Messenger Appreciation Day.

Bicycle messengers are still going strong in Portland.

Dee Robert and Joel from Magpie Messenger Collective

Dee Branham, Robert Burchett, and Joel Metz of Magpie Messenger Collective.

You might have met the wonderful Meghan Mack via her profile in the Willamette Week back in June, or you might have come to recognize one of the familiar faces of one of her colleagues at Magpie Messenger Collective. After all, they’ve been in business for 14 years.

In an industry that has seen so much change over the years, I find it somewhat reassuring to know that there are still people plying the courier trade using bicycles everyday.

Thanks messengers!

[Note: If you’d like to guarantee a messenger sighting in downtown Portland, so you can deliver a smile or, perhaps, a token of appreciation, I’d try the Chrome store on SW 10th or the Stumptown on 3rd.]

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