Please help me find my bike – UPDATED!

Please help me find my bike – UPDATED!

Tour of Aufderheide-31

If you see this bike, please contact me at 503-706-8804. Note that it has fenders and different tires than shown in this photo.

UPDATE, 3:15pm: Found my bike. Stole it back. Story to come

My Cielo is gone. Someone grabbed it from outside my office building at the corner of SW 4th and Stark this morning around 9:00 am. Please help me find it.

I was not thinking straight and left it unlocked. I know it sounds crazy. But it happened. I feel horrible. I had ghost-ridden it to work this morning alongside my city bike (like I usually do at the beginning of the week, so it can stay in my office for lunch rides) and I set it against the rack next to my other bike. I locked my city bike and then walked up to the fourth floor, only to realize — several hours later — that I left it just sitting there. (I’ve had lots of heavy stuff on my mind lately and was just not thinking clearly.)

Without getting too emotional, I will just say that I love this bike. I got it two summers ago and have told many of you privately that it’s the bike that has inspired me to start riding again. It’s been on so many awesome adventures with me. I got it because it completed a life story of sorts: I used to work for Chris King (makers of the bike) back in college in Santa Barbara and my favorite epic road to ride was the bike’s namesake: Camino Cielo Road.

Please keep your eyes peeled.

Here are some distinguishing characteristics:

    — Cielo Sportif
    — Pearl white with orange lettering
    — “” logo on the top tube
    — Mango orange Chris King hubs
    — Fenders

And here are more photos:

my cielo

Tour of Aufderheide-28

If you see this bike, please text or call me at (503) 706-8804.

Thanks for your help. Hopefully it will turn up. Hard to imagine otherwise.

CORRECTION, 11/5 at 9:23 am: I initially wrote that I felt this incident was my fault. But upon reflection and consideration of your comments below, I have deleted that. Thanks.

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