Hit-and-run bike rider leaves one duck dead – UPDATED

Hit-and-run bike rider leaves one duck dead – UPDATED


R.I.P. little guy.

UPDATE: The man who ran over the duck has left a comment explaining his side of the story.

On the many paved, off-street trails that wind through the subdivisions of Washington County, there are some path users who are truly vulnerable. On Saturday we learned about a disturbing incident that involved one such user, a mallard duck, that tried to cross the path adjacent to Bethany Lake (near NW 185th and West Union).

According to a tipster named Steve C., just before noon a man wearing a red and white lycra jersey came rolling down the path near the lake, struck the duck and left it dead, then failed to stop.

Steve said several people pleaded with the man to stop and report the incident to the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District; but to no avail.

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Now a report has been filed with the THPRD and they want to find the rider and ask him a few questions. According to Steve (who also supplied us with photos), the man on the bike is middle-aged, has white hair, a beard and a mustache. He was wearing a black and red jersey and shorts.

Steve last saw the man riding north on 185th toward West Union.

If you know anything about this incident or can identify the rider in the photo above please contact THPRD at (503) 645-6433.

We’ve contacted THPRD and will update this story as needed.

UPDATE, 12:53pm: THPRD Director of Communications Bob Wayt has confirmed the incident. Wayt told us via telephone a few minutes ago that the incident falls into something of a “grey area” and that the THPRD has no specific penalty for killing ducks. However, he did say that this duck is covered under the Federal Migratory Bird Act. “So,” he added, “if we had an ID of the person who killed it, and the Federal Government wanted to pursue it, they could.” Wayt added that his agency would like to hear the rider’s side of the story.

Wayt said that proper thing for the rider to do would have been to call the THPRD Park Patrol (971) 246-0169 to report the incident.

NOTE: This post was originally published with a blurry, grainy photo of the man who ran over the duck. After hearing from readers concerned that the person was being publicly shamed and the subject of a witch-hunt, I removed that photo.

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