How was the Naked Ride for you? (I’m hoping you can fill me in)

How was the Naked Ride for you? (I’m hoping you can fill me in)

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Cycling = flying. Portland’s World Naked Bike Ride.

— Carlton Reid (@carltonreid) June 28, 2015

I missed the World Naked Bike Ride this year so I’m hoping you can fill me in.

There are not many things that would keep me away from this ride. It’s not only one of the most fun and inspiring nights of the year for me personally, but the recap and photos I usually post are by far the most popular of the entire year (by a mile).

(Don’t feel sorry for me not being there, I was at another event where love, celebration and optimism filled the warm night sky — the wedding of your favorite bike journalist Michael Andersen to his wonderful partner Maureen Young!)

So… How’d it go?

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I’ve heard different takes on it from various people and have read some of the coverage in the local media (who seemed to be doing blanket coverage of it this year); but I’d love to know more about how it went from you, my trusted friends and readers.

Here’s what I’ve heard so far:

  • It was huge (no official estimate yet).
  • There was a big bottleneck at the start that required quite a bit of walking.
  • There were a lot of people on the ride who didn’t seem to have ever biked before, or hadn’t biked in many years.
  • There were quite a few people who lacked respect for others. David Boerner wrote about a few of them, as did Elly Blue (FB).
  • The route was lined with enthusiastic crowds.
  • The party at the end was amazing and epic and full of the very best kind of debauchery.

OK, what else?

I’d love to keep my perfect record of World Naked Bike Ride recaps (since 2005!) alive here on the site. But this year I need your help to do it. Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences and takeaways…

And if you had fun, please consider donating to the organizers for next year!

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