Megan Holcomb has recovered her stolen bike!

Megan Holcomb has recovered her stolen bike!


Reunited and it feels so good.

Great news Portland: Megan Holcomb, the woman who was visiting our fair city and got her beloved touring bike stolen a few nights ago, has found her bike and the two have been united.

Here’s what she just posted on her Facebook page:

UPDATE. MAJOR UPDATE: The good in Portland prevails.

Another beautiful story to add to this tour in an entire chapter of its own. . .
My 2-wheeled companion and I have been reunited. We are both slightly changed – for the better. My bike angel, and Portland’s new hero, Andrea Gellatly, recovered the bike. Although I still can’t believe it, this is real. The community who came together over this, who shared my post, who told their friends, who wished me luck… it worked. We did it. My heart is so full of love for this city, and for everyone far and wide who somehow heard my story and took a moment to care and empathize. Not because it brought the bike back, but because it brought us all together. This city is definitely weird but dang do you all have heart!!! Incredible. Its really beyond words. Thank you! Every single one of you.

Her story was shared on Facebook over 46,000 times in just a few days and this theft is definitely the largest community effort to recover a stolen bike I have ever witnessed. Amazing.

I’ll update this story as I receive more info.

UPDATE: Megan said she got a text about her bike at 1:30 pm today and she’s leaving town at 5:00. “An hour or more later and would have missed this opportunity!” “I was very very prepared to never see a single part of this bike again. So lucky I honestly almost feel guilty. This happens everyday to people.”

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