Hey businesses, there’s a new way to support BikePortland

Hey businesses, there’s a new way to support BikePortland


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***Please allow me to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a brief promotional announcement.***

BikePortland would not exist today without the support of dozens of businesses. Since the day we posted our very first ad back in 2006, we’ve worked with local, regional, and national businesses of all types. Their ad dollars have made the tens of thousands of free stories we’ve published and dozens of free events we’ve organized possible.

Now we have a new way to work with companies and organizations that everyone — businesses, the community, and BikePortland — will continue to benefit from.

Our BikePortlander Business program gives businesses valuable promotion while creating a new community resource and helping fund our work all at the same time.

For just $30 per month, businesses and organizations get: to help support our work, a link in our sidebar, a listing in our new directory, use of our digital photo archive, the ability to publish press releases and other information directly to BikePortland, and a window decal or web badge to show off your support.

You might have noticed a few changes to our sidebar recently. For the past decade we’ve curated the most comprehensive list of Portland-based, bike-related links anywhere on the web. We plan to add most of them back eventually (like local blogs and other resources); but for businesses and organizations, only those who are paid subscribers will appear in the links list. (Note: Our traditional ad campaigns that come with banner ads and other partnerships are handled separately.)

Since we launched this program earlier this month, 21 busineses have already signed up! It’s a wonderful bunch that includes: bike shops, bike makers, bike fun creators, law offices, a restaurant, a catering company, tech companies, and more…


Like our BikePortlander subscriptions the revenue we raise through this program will help sustain our work and allow us to do even more in the future: More stories from more writers, more events, more advocacy, more fun, and more impact. All of which leads to more people on more bikes more often.

Our goal is to have 100 businesses signed up before the end of this year. I know we can do it! The only question is, will your business be one of them?

If you own (or just manage the pursestrings of) a business or organization that believes in bicycling and the value of independent, community-based journalism, please sign up today.


— Jonathan Maus
(503) 706-8804

***You may now return to your regularly scheduled programming.***

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