TriMet releases video, statement on Tilikum collision

TriMet releases video, statement on Tilikum collision


Image from TriMet video of serious injury collision

TriMet has just released a statement about the collision on the Tilikum Bridge on October 11th that left Carole Barkley with serious injuries.

Read the statement and watch the video below:

As the video was already processed as a Public Records Request, the video is available to be released to the media. We are releasing it to provide greater context to the incident. As the video shows, the bike light turned red several seconds before the cyclist traveled through the red light. We always look for ways to improve safety along our transit system, and we are currently looking into this incident with our partners at Portland Bureau of Transportation to review the signal timing and signal placement to see if there are ways to improve safety.

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And here’s the video showing the collision. It happens close to the top right corner of the frame, a bit after 0:40.

For additional clarity, here’s a photo of the location where the collision occcurred (sent to us by Barkley’s husband David Loftus:


And here’s another image of the signal and intersection in question that I took during a tour of the bridge:

My first walk across Tilikum Bridge-4

Stay tuned for more coverage.

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