Wednesday video roundup: ‘Cross nostalgia, odd bikes, women in cycling

Wednesday video roundup: ‘Cross nostalgia, odd bikes, women in cycling

Here’s contributor Ted Timmons’ pick of the week’s notable biking videos. We’ll be posting these each week in time for lunch for as long as he’s interested in putting them together! Thanks, Ted.

Our first video (above) will make BP commenter Pete happy. It’s a feature piece on cyclocross in the 1980s. It’s centered around Portlander Michael Sylvester (who now has a local bike fitting service) and also shows off Pier Park.

This is one of those videos that straddles the line between commercial and entertainment. There’s a lot of inspiring footage and varied uses of fatbikes.

River City has some interesting videos lately, including this one with Dave Guettler talking about his (old) Ritchey Team Comp, Dave talking about his wooden-rimmed Naked Bike, but this ‘cross race footage takes the cake.

Speaking of odd bikes, this segment from GCN has a great overview of odd “production” bikes. It doesn’t include my favorite odd bike, the Kestrel. When I have time I’ll watch this Google tech talk about the history of carbon fiber and the Kestrel. (if you like this GCN segment, see their “weird tech” video segment)

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Continuing the theme, local builder (and assassin cat owner) Ti Cycles has a great video for their CarGoAway electric-assist cargo bike. Bonus points if you can identify the dancer for me.

Many in Portland are interested in women in cycling (and other minorities). This is a great discussion of the design experience. There are interviews with Cinelli and Cyclehack.

Here’s the aspirational video of the week- ascending stairs on a road/cross bike. Vittorio Brumotti is an incredible trials rider. Here’s a great example.

And here’s a strangely funny video- it’s supposed to be a spoof of “Dukes of Hazzard” but it’s more.. absurd.. than that. Ah, crazy brits.

The more artistic and social among you (such as those who have trailer-mounted sound systems) will enjoy this modification, allowing a bike to project an animated elephant on nearby buildings.

Finally, for laughs, this video is from Woodinville Bicycle in the Seattle area. It shows a thief trying to steal donated bikes that are stored under their awning. It isn’t shown on the video but I understand the thief was actually apprehended. Good!

Honorable mentions: autorouting/drawing with OSM data on Strava (GIS geeks will love this), a Fear And Loathing mountain biking spoof (good riding begins at 1:45), this bike launch video, and this folk-themed cycling video.

Inclusion criteria: If I’ve missed something, post it in the comments! I’m trying to only include videos published in the last week or so. Note if there’s a specific point in a long video that is worth highlighting. Also note if there is colorful language. When it gets to spring, I may add a rule to deal with racing spoilers.

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