Industry Ticker: New products from Portland Design Works and North St. Bags

Industry Ticker: New products from Portland Design Works and North St. Bags


Portland Design Works’ new City Rover and the “Scout” from North St. Bags.

Two of our favorite local companies have just announced new products: Portland Design Works has a new headlight and North St. Bags just went big with a whole new line of duffel bags.

PDW’s new City Rover comes in 400 or 200 lumen varieties and cost $65 and $49 respectively.

Here’s a photo followed by the company press release with more details:

Portland Design Works launch City Rover USB Rechargeable Headlights

Portland, OR – Portland Design Works (PDW) has introduced two new City Rover USB rechargeable headlights, aiming to provide certified lumen power at a competitive market price for urban commuters.

City Rovers are available in 200 or 400 lumen models and are micro USB rechargeable. Like the Lars Rover headlights PDW launched in 2014, the City Rovers include a CREE LED and Texas Instruments integrated circuit. The City Rover lights offer an updated hood design that includes side cut-outs for increased visibility.

The City Rover 400 model has 5 power modes with up to 11 hours run time: 400 lumen runs for 2.5 hours, 200 lumen runs for 5 hours, 100 lumens runs for 10 hours, pulse runs at 7 hours and fast-flash runs at 11 hours. The City Rover 200 model has 5 power modes with up to 20 hours run time: 200 lumen runs for 4 hours, 100 lumens runs at 9 hours, 50 lumens runs at 18 hours, pulse runs for 12 hours and fast-flash runs at 20 hours.

Both City Rover models were independently tested by the Labsphere Illumia Light Measurement System. “The Illumia system allows us to test our lights for the most accurate readings of consistent lumen output and actual burn time,” Mark Mollenkopf, National Sales Manager for PDW explained. “The test results helped us design a high power/energy efficient commuter light that you can rely on.”

The Rover provides 15 minutes of low-power safety mode after the low-battery indicator light comes on. The lights fully charge in 5.5 hours with the included USB cord. Both City Rover models come with the Mission Control 2.0 quick-release rubber mount.

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And North St. Bags has launched a gorgeous line of new bags called “Scout.” Unlike their existing panniers or backpacks, the Scout is a duffel bag. They come in three sizes and range in price from $59 to $99. Here’s another photo and a few photos and more details:


Made from tough 1000 denier Cordura® nylon and lined with waterproof X-Pac™ sailcloth, the SCOUT Duffle is the ultimate solution to keep your essentials intact and dry when on the go.

Made to order in three sizes, the SCOUT 11 ($59), SCOUT 14 ($79), and SCOUT 21 ($99) are also available as combined set for $225. Our premier travel companion, the SCOUT Duffle is a rugged, yet refined luggage line made for travelers who value durability as much as style.

Portland is home to many great companies that sell bikes, parts, and accessories. Keep track of them all via our Industry Ticker archives.

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