Wednesday video roundup: Copenhagen, quadracycle, and wooden rims

Wednesday video roundup: Copenhagen, quadracycle, and wooden rims

Welcome to Ted’s weekly video roundup. See previous editions here.

We’ll start the roundup this week with an urban design video, above. It looks at Copenhagen from the British point of view and looks pleasant.*

Next, this Sacramento cross race takes the cake for this week’s cross video. Colorful language warning.

Some countries in Europe use contra flow cycle lanes, which are a bike lane that goes the opposing direction of a one-way street. They are helpful for giving navigation options in cities that have lots of (often Roman-era) narrow streets, but people don’t think to look the other way on a one-way street.**

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In the “bike theft” category, this Brazilian show is in the hidden camera/Punk’d category, this would probably be entrapment if it was done for legal reasons, but it’s enjoyable for laughing AT people. Perhaps they would have had a better time catching the “criminal” if the chaser was fitter. The action starts about 15sec in.

On that topic, this is an entertaining video of street trial rider Fabio Wibmer “stealing” a bike for a joyride. His monologue includes an entertaining vocabulary that may not be work- or family-appropriate.

Why am I including a video of a CAR? Aren’t internal-combustion engines against almost everything BikePortland stands for? Well, as Carlton Reid discusses in his book, early cars have much in common with bicycles. That’s really clear when you see the Quadricycle. (warning, offensive audio in the last 10 seconds)

River City Bicycles has a feature on an ancient Schwinn track bike. Look at those lovely wooden rims.

Finally, Smith Optics just moved to Portland. This video is on Western Bikeworks’ YouTube feed, interviewing a few of their lead employees. It’s certainly promotional, but it’s great to see more outdoor/cycling companies coming to Portland.

Honorable mentions: promo trailer for the “European Bike Stealing Championships” (perhaps we should sponsor some of our locals to attend this?), River City’s Barton Park vid, another Barton Park cross vid, and what do pro cyclists do in the off-season?

Inclusion criteria: If I’ve missed something, post it in the comments! I’m trying to only include videos published in the last week or so. Note if there’s a specific point in a long video that is worth highlighting. Also note if there is colorful language. When it gets to spring, I may add a rule to deal with racing spoilers.

* Maybe I’ll post a video of me scorching through Paris recently. It was different than being in Portland, though it doesn’t cross into being “pleasant”.

** My closest call ever (that didn’t end in a collision) was from a one-way street in Paris. A car was pulling out of an underground carpark and crossed my path.

— Ted Timmons

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