Comment of the Week: Eight simple tips for wet riding

Comment of the Week: Eight simple tips for wet riding

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Savor it.
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For those of you who’ve moved to Oregon in the last year: yes, every winter is like this.

Just kidding. But this soggy, blustery week has certainly given us a reminder of what we do to pay for those long summer evenings. In Monday’s open thread about riding through the day’s downpour, BikePortland reader Pedal PT offered a list of simple suggestions for rainy riding. They’re a perfect introduction to a commute that can be surprisingly fun.

At least if you’re prepared.

At least, once or twice a year.

Anyway, here’s the advice:

Rode in at 9am after dropping kids off.. West on Clinton from SE 52nd is was fairly smooth, all things considering, although I got soaked shoes/socks/underwear on my short commute.

In anyone needs any assistance today, please stop in our office at 25th and Clinton to dry out!

Some of my best tips for ‘pouring rain’ biking include:
– Always have a spare pair of socks and underwear at the office (both came in handy today, whew!)
– Use ziplock bags inside your waterproof bike bag for added rainproofing for pone, wallet, etc.
– If you wear glasses, a short brimmed cycling cap works great to keep the rain out of your eyes/glasses.
– I prefer the hood of my jacket over the helmet if your jacket can stretch enough, and still allow you to zip up fully
– Layering is usually best, as rain might tends to soak into your jacket if it’s on it’s 2nd or 3rd season: start with a wool/wicking base layer, followed waterproof-ish jacket or vest, and then have a rainshell on top of all of it. (Yes, 100% not fun when you get sweaty!)
– Lights lights lights
– Fenders and rain pants are really not an option in downpour weather like today- (Get them soon before they all sell out in your size– it happens every year!)
– Although I (foolishly) did not wear them today, waterproof socks vs shoe covers can keep feet and shoes dry

Hope that helps– Luckily, we usually don’t get slammed like today more that 2-3x/year.. We’ll see!

That sounds about right. Stay dry over the next week, everybody.

— Michael Andersen, (503) 333-7824 –

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