In defense of neighborhood greenways, city will send police to Clinton Street

In defense of neighborhood greenways, city will send police to Clinton Street

Guerrilla diverters on SE Clinton-9

As promised last week, the Portland Bureau of Transportation is calling out the police to beef up enforcement on SE Clinton Street.

It’s just the latest tool in their arsenal in the battle to defend neighborhood greenways from rude and dangerous driving behaviors.

According to a statement just sent around by PBOT, the police will take part in an “education and enforcement action” on Clinton between 12th and 50th tomorrow (12/15) from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm and from 4:30 to 6:30 pm (it’s unclear why they’re avoiding the morning rush).

The aim of the increased enforcement is, “to enhance the Clinton Greenway and make it more inviting for people who are walking and biking.” It’s part of a multi-pronged effort to educate people who use Clinton that it was designed specifically for people to walk and bike. In addition to the enforcement, PBOT has placed 22 signs on the road to get the point across.

All of this comes in advance of two new temporary traffic diverters that are going to be installed at 17th and 32nd in the first week of January. These diverters are aimed at discourage people from driving through the neighborhood. PBOT data shows that most of the traffic on Clinton is from out of the zipcode and is believed to be taking advantage of it as an alternative to the larger — and more congested — SE Division one block away.

PBOT is stepping up and defending Clinton against dangerous and rude driving behaviors in part because City Council adopted a neighborhood greenways report back in August. That report set clear thresholds for how much auto use a greenway can tolerate before PBOT must step in and take action.

PBOT Director Leah Treat said today that, “Portland’s neighborhood greenways represent some of the best elements of Portland’s transportation culture,” and added that, “We need to ensure that our city’s greenways remain safe streets where people want to bike, walk and play.”

At tomorrow’s enforcement action, the police will be looking for behaviors that threaten people on bike and on foot including: unsafe passing, speeding, aggressive driving, and noncompliance with stop signs.

And they’ll be busting everyone who uses Clinton. So don’t think your bike is a get-out-of-jail-free card.

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